Opal Industries is your solution for residential and commercial soft washing, roof cleaning, deck cleaning, gutter cleaning services in Gainesville, FL and nearby cities.

Locally owned and operated

Bringing your property back to life

Michelle and Randall Mclelland - Opal Industries Gainesville and Alachua County
Michelle and Randall Mclelland
Opal Industries was founded by Randall and Michelle Mclelland. We are dedicated to elevating the expectations of the cleaning industry. Pressure washers and harsh chemicals are no longer the only option. As a homeowner, you now have the choice of working with trained professionals, advanced technology, and biodegradable cleaning solutions all while protecting the environment. Every job we do helps us to support the mission of 4 local non profits and take active steps to offset our carbon footprint.

Exterior and roof cleaning experts

The power of the network

Opal Industries is a part of an exclusive international network of low-pressure exterior cleaning companies who have been cleaning for over 25 years.

Earned status

Our companies have met the rigorous qualifications and testing to earn the status of a Certified SoftWashing company.

Clean backgrounds

Our companies use Ask the Seal to perform background checks on our employees, and verify our credentials.

Annual CEUs

Every year our companies must earn 60 CEUs to maintain our status in the network, covering many industry wide topics.

Our Partnerships and Affiliations

Our commitment

A pledge to the environment

The Good Stewards program is a philosophy that we all adhere to. It’s a pledge to uphold the highest standards for best management practices in our industry, and to do our part to protect the environment.

Water conservation

SoftWash Systems uses 1/3 the water of pressure/power washing.

Biodegradable cleaning solutions

Our chemicals break down into carbon and water within twenty (20) days of their introduction into the environment.

Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than pressure / power washing

SoftWash Systems innovations bring longer-lasting results with fewer cleanings.

Safety and compliance

Opal Industries' #1 priority is the health, safety and compliance of our operations on your site.


Aerial lift

Opal Industries’ employees are fully trained and certified in the use of aerial lifts. We have access to a large selection of aerial lifts to make the highest and most inaccessible jobs safe and efficient.

Rope access

Rope access Opal Industries employs Spratt Level III certified technicians. Rope access is a set of techniques where ropes and specialized hardware are used to provide access to areas unreachable even by aerial lifts.

Display signs

Display signs will be used on job sites for pedestrian safety awareness and marking off work zones. Display signs provide vital safety information keeping workers and the public safe around project sites.
Safety Trained


The biggest factor in safety is education. Our staff is professionally trained and take yearly CEU’s to stay on top of the latest best management practices in the industry.