FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring us to soft wash your house or property, you want more information. Start with our FAQs to find out more, and call us directly at Opal Industries if you have more questions.

Soft Washing & General Questions

FAQs: Soft Wash from Opal Industries

Soft washing is the safe exterior cleaning alternative to pressure or power washing. Soft washing uses lower water pressure combined with biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to eliminate the bacteria, alga, fungi, and other microorganisms that are the underlying cause of stains on your roof, walls, and other surfaces.
A variety of different microorganisms, including alga, mildew, mold, bacteria, and lichen cause most of the infestation ‘stains’ that appear on roofs, siding, and other exterior surfaces. When these living microorganisms go through their metabolic processes, they release acidic byproducts that can damage your shingles, siding, and other surfaces. Eliminating these microorganisms helps to protect your home or business from deterioration by increasing the longevity of your paint, decks, roof, fences, and siding.

The professional team at Opal Industries focuses on providing each customer with the highest level of customer service. We treat our customers with professionalism while dedicating ourselves to offering top quality roof and exterior soft washing as well as interior and exterior painting service.

  • We use equipment specifically built for soft washing, not adapted pressure washers.
  • We are fully insured. We encourage homeowners to verify this from all contractors.
  • We use high quality products and are happy to share the MSDS sheets with the homeowner.  Be wary of “Proprietary blends” that the contractor won’t share.
  • We have completed extensive training in chemical management, safety, plant protection, business management, EPA clean water act.
  • We take yearly CEUs training classes to stay current with the latest information in the industry.
  • All employees are background checked and verification is available.
  • We are a member of the Gainesville Living Wage Coalition and pay a minimum of $15/hr.
  • We have significant investment in equipment and training to protect the underground water sources associated with the Clean Water Act.
  • Our experience in the painting industry gives us the knowledge needed to protect and enhance the exterior coatings of your home.
This is a valid concern for the homeowner. Plant protection is a foundational part of the treatment plan for any property. There are numerous strategies that we customize to the specific requirements of your property. The solutions we use are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Your plants, pets, and family members will all remain safe when these solutions and precautions are used to clean your home or business. Our professionals undergo in-depth training and have the knowledge of how to protect foliage, plants, and property. We take all precautionary steps to ensure that your property and landscaping will be protected and will be left in the same or better condition than the time we first arrived.
They both have their place when used correctly. The place for a pressure washer is on flat concrete or for paint prep. This is because a pressure washer will remove paint and heavy growth build up on concrete surfaces. A pressure washer uses surface erosion as the cleaning mechanism. A pressure washer should NEVER be used on a roof! OPAL Industries Softwash uses technologically advanced solutions and equipment to rid your roof and walls of bacteria, mildew, and other microorganisms that create unsightly infestations. Our SoftWashing process kills this growth at the root level. This inhibits regrowth 4-6 times longer than pressure washing only. OPAL Industries SoftWashing uses a low pressure multi step, chemical process as the cleaning mechanism.
Our equipment and chemicals are specifically designed to safely clean Asphalt Shingle roofs. Because we can clean the most delicate surface on your home, we can also safely clean every other surface as well. We have customizable processes to clean and restore asphalt shingles, metal roofs, clay tiles, cedar shingles, concrete tiles, metal or wood soffits, aluminum, vinyl or wood siding, pool screens, fences, decks, windows, concrete drives, all paving stones and more.
We DO require the owner to be on site during the initial estimate visit. We DO NOT require the owner to be onsite during the cleaning. We have a list of requests for the owner to prepare for the day of cleaning which will be discussed during the initial visit.
When the homeowner initiates the first call to OPAL Industries our goal is to provide clear and informative communications at every step. At the Initial meeting we discuss the needs and expectations of the customer. We will then create a customized plan for each individual project, whether it’s a cleaning to increase the curb appeal for resell or a full maintenance package to preserve the long term investment of your property. The majority of the customers we serve choose to go back on the calendar for the same time next year for an annual inspection and touchup treatment, if needed. (Usually a pollen rinse).
OPAL Industries employees are trained extensively in the safe handling and application of very effective organic growth treatments. Our commitment to our employees, customers and the environment create a very safe and effective service.
When the cleaning solutions are used by our knowledgeable and experienced professionals, the results are a clean and sanitized building while preserving the environment for future generations. 
  • 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions used
  • One-third of water used in soft washing vs. pressure washing
  • Results four to six times longer vs. pressure washing
  • Protect building materials, including shingles, while increasing their lifespan
  • Saves money while preventing waste from roof, deck, and fence replacement debris
We offer a 3 year limited guarantee on an asphalt shingle roof cleaning. Any surface other than a roof has too many environmental factors to offer a guarantee but we have seen concrete resist regrowth for 2+ years, siding for 2+ years and then only need small touch ups into the third year. Because of the root deep penetration of our solutions, our process will last 4-6 times longer than pressure washing.
Please check all of your windows and doors to make sure they are completely closed. If you have outdoor cushions or pillows, bring them inside. We ask that you move any small delicate ornaments and we will move bigger furniture.
YES we do. When we clean the exterior surfaces of your home, the windows will be treated also. We do not scrub your windows, but their surfaces will be cleaned of debris, alga, and mildew. We also offer window cleaning services through an upgraded package.
Opal Industries carries all of the certifications and licenses required by the state of Florida for the work we do. Our company is in full EPA compliance with all laws that protect our beautiful waterways in Florida. We have a $2 million commercial liability insurance policy to give you added peace of mind and protection. A higher coverage is available if the project calls for it. Our employees are also covered with liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance and they are trained in first aid/CPR, fall arrest/protection, and safe equipment usage. Our insurance policies are 3rd party verified through The Seal for your peace of mind.
We understand that some of our customers might have specific needs, including touching up the portion of the roof that is visible from the street to increase your home’s curb appeal when you put it up for sale. However, we generally do not recommend choosing a partial cleaning treatment for your home. The areas that are left untreated will likely include some microorganisms that are not yet visible. They can send spores to the treated areas and expedite the regrowth of stains.