Institutional & Commercial Soft Washing Services in Gainesville, FL

We understand the cornerstones of commercial contracting are efficient communication, reliable service, minimal disruption to your business and safety. Opal Industries brings the professional experience required to collaborate on commercial projects of any size.

Protect your investment

What Is Soft Washing?

Commercial soft washing is an environmentally friendly and safe way to clean the exterior surfaces of your business. Opal Industries uses a spray of low-pressure water combined with proprietary cleaners to safely clean the exteriors of buildings without causing damage to the surfaces or the plants surrounding them. The soft washing process rids your building’s exterior of grime, dirt, spider webs, and other organisms to improve the appearance and longevity of your building.

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Soft washing can also help to save your business money. While your building’s roof should last for years, an algae named Gloecapsa Magma that causes black streaks on roofs can cause surfaces to deteriorate.  Heat from infested TPO roofs recorded at 130+ degrees has been reduced to 90 degrees after cleaning. This translates to significant cooling cost reductions.

Eliminating the root of the issue

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

A pressure washer runs on 4000psi. Our soft wash equipment runs on less than 150psi. Pressure washing can remove paint, destroy screens, damage siding, and damage roofs. Because of this, pressure washing should only be used on very hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and paved patios.
Instead of relying on pressure to clean your building, soft washing uses biodegradable detergents to clean the exterior surfaces. Soft washing works great on any surface, including those that are more vulnerable. Soft washing gets at the root of the problem and lasts as much as six times longer than pressure washing. Most major insurers and the Concrete Roof and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association recommend soft washing.
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Safety and compliance

Opal Industries is dedicated to the safety of our community

Safety Trained

Safety Trained

Our employees are trained in first aid/CPR, fall arrest/protection, and safe equipment usage.


2 million dollars in liability coverage, and more available if the project calls for it.

Aerial Lift

We have access to a large selection of aerial lifts to make the highest and most inaccessible jobs safe and efficient.

Rope Access

We employ Spratt Level III certified technicians.

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Beautifully clean commercial property

Advantages of Soft Washing Your Commercial Property

Our commercial and warehouse soft washing services from Opal Industries offer multiple advantages for businesses in Gainesville, Florida. These advantages are detailed below.

Pressure washing can seriously damage a roof and other surfaces. It causes erosion and can strip away loosened paint and materials from aging or deterioration. While pressure washing is appropriate to use for heavy equipment or some concrete surfaces, most commercial properties benefit from soft washing and can avoid damage.

Soft washing uses a third less water than pressure washing. We also have made significant investment in containment equipment and training to be compliant with the EPA and clean water act.

Pressure washing will cut the top of the growth off leaving the root structure to grow back. Soft washing penetrates to the roots and kills the entire organism. Because of the thorough treatment, soft washing will last as much as 6 times longer than pressure washing.

Instant results

Applications for soft washing

There are multiple applications for commercial soft washing. Here are a few good examples:

In Florida, mildew, mold, and bacteria build up on roofs, leaving ugly black streaks and spots. Rust can also leak down the sides of buildings from vent pipes. When Opal Industries cleans your roof, soft washing kills the organic growth and revives the surfaces, including powder coatings, metal, siding, and tile.

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If your building has wooden fencing or decks, it can be damaged by the weather, UV rays, and organic growth. Treating these types of surfaces annually can prevent them from deteriorating. Soft washing conditions and treats wood while providing a UV protectant.

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More and more businesses are opting for green energy to reduce their environmental footprints and energy costs. If your business has solar panels, grime and dirt can reduce their efficiency by up to 20%. Regular maintenance with soft washing helps to keep your solar systems functioning efficiently year-round.
Keeping the exterior of your business clean and sanitized adds to its curb appeal while helping the surface materials last longer. Over time, UV rays can cause your building’s siding to become brittle. Soft washing services can help to restore your building’s surfaces while preventing damage.
The gutters of your building can deteriorate over time because of dirt, oxidation, and pollution. Soft washing provides the solution to restore the appearance of your gutters, leaving them spotless.
Keeping your windows in great shape is important. Soft washing can gently clean your windows so that your employees will have a clear view throughout the day. Soft washing also will not damage window screens or the surrounding siding.
The concrete surfaces of your business receive the most wear. This can leave them vulnerable to erosion and deterioration when they are exposed to high pressured water used in pressure washing. Soft washing can gently clean away dirt, grime, and oil while leaving behind an inhibitor to keep them clean for up to six times longer.

To learn more about Opal Industries as a reputable building soft washing in Haile Plantation, give us a call today. Besides commercial cleaning, our soft washing company also offers residential soft washing and exterior cleaning services.

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