Is there an alternative way to pressure wash?

Pressure washing has long been a go-to method for deep outdoor cleaning. However, this high-pressure cleaning technique can sometimes be too harsh on delicate surfaces, leading to unnecessary damage. In such situations, a more refined method comes into play—soft washing.

Soft washing is a cleaning process that employs a low-pressure water stream, roughly the strength of a garden hose, paired with a blend of specialized detergents. This approach significantly reduces the risk of damaging surfaces while ensuring a thorough clean. But how does it work?

Safe and Gentle Application: Soft washing starts with the application of a cleaning solution to the surface at low pressure. This ensures that even delicate surfaces like wood siding, shingles, or painted surfaces aren’t damaged during the cleaning process.

Effective Cleaning: The cleaning solutions used in soft washing are designed to tackle the various outdoor contaminants like algae, bacteria, and mildew that cause most of the “staining” on roofs and building surfaces. The gentle pressure allows the solution to penetrate these organisms , breaking them down from the roots up.

Root-Level Clean: A critical advantage of soft washing is that it destroys the root structures of the algae and bacteria infestations. This isn’t just a surface clean; it gets to the root of the problem, ensuring a deeper and longer-lasting clean.

Prolonged Results: After a soft wash, surfaces remain clean for an extended period, depending on the environment. This is because the cleaning solutions continue to work long after application, preventing the return of algae and bacteria growth.

Eco-friendly: Many soft washing solutions are biodegradable and eco-friendly, ensuring you’re not introducing harmful chemicals into your environment.

In conclusion, soft washing presents a compelling alternative to pressure washing, combining the power of detergent cleaning with a gentle application process. The result is a comprehensive, long-lasting clean that keeps your surfaces looking fresh and new, without the harm of high-pressure washing. Whether you’re looking to clean your home’s siding, your roof, or your patio, soft washing is the solution you’ve been looking for.


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