Bleach free cleaning in Gainesville, FL

We utilize Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems® for bleach-free cleaning. This patent-pending, no-rinse cleaner is not only safe but also effective in eliminating stains triggered by mold, mildew, algae, moss, and lichen from exterior surfaces. It negates the need for harmful chemicals or the potentially destructive outcomes of pressure cleaning and brushing, ensuring a safe and gentle cleaning process.

Why Bleach-Free Cleaning Solutions

What makes bleach-free cleaning preferable?

Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems® offers a revolutionary approach to cleaning that is not only bleach-free but also environmentally friendly. As part of our commitment to a greener planet, we provide cleaning solutions that are fully biodegradable, containing no harmful chemicals that might endanger our ecosystems. These solutions are perfectly suited for cleaning all exterior surfaces, delivering a sparkling finish without the need for rinsing.
Furthermore, our products eliminate the necessity for power washing, reducing water waste and potential surface damage. Exceptionally effective, Citra Shield solutions effortlessly remove a variety of organic growth and stains, including green and black algae, moss, mildew, fungus, and lichen, promoting a cleaner, safer, and more appealing environment.
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Benefits of Bleach-Free Cleaning

No harmful chemicals

Our chosen exterior surface cleaner, renowned for its biodegradable properties, is devoid of any severe chemicals. Not only does it proficiently clean, but it also prevents staining from biological growth on external surfaces. Collaborating with nature, it effectively and safely eradicates stains caused by algae, mildew, moss, mold, and fungus. Once applied, this product embarks on a cleaning journey that extends over several months, maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of your exterior surfaces.
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How does Bleach-Free Cleaning work?

Designed to work with Mother Nature

Our cleaning solution operates uniquely by removing algae growth from the bottom-up, effectively attacking the problem at its source. It’s designed to thoroughly destroy the root structure of the algae, ensuring a comprehensive cleanse that goes beyond surface-level. Remarkably, after a single application, it continues to exert its cleaning power for 6 to 7 months, providing long-term benefits and keeping your surfaces pristine. Furthermore, it creates a protective barrier that deters future growth, preventing the algae from returning. With this solution, you receive a sustained, effective clean and a durable defense against future algae growth.
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Overall appearance for the community

Opal Industries is deeply committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.


Always stays clean year round

Our solution ensures consistent cleanliness throughout the year, maintaining your property’s aesthetic appeal effortlessly. Enjoy peace of mind with our long-lasting, reliable cleaning.

No streaks or marks after cleaning

Our cleaning solution ensures a pristine finish, leaving no streaks or marks post-cleaning. It’s about achieving flawless cleanliness that enhances your property’s overall appeal.

Can be used on all home and building exterior surfaces

Our cleaning solution can be applied to all exterior surfaces of homes and buildings. It simplifies your cleaning process, offering universal suitability and top-tier results. It’s your all-encompassing solution for exterior cleanliness.

Instant results

Applications for bleach-free washing.

There are multiple applications for commercial soft washing that are described below.
Bleach-free cleaning is ideal for various outdoor surfaces, including sidewalks, walking trails, bridges, and road gutters. Traditional cleaning agents can be harmful to these surfaces and the surrounding environment. However, our bleach-free solution is not only safe but also highly effective. It removes the toughest grime and stains, restoring the natural appearance of the surfaces. The solution is easy to apply and does not leave residue or streaks, ensuring that these high-traffic areas remain clean and safe for everyone to use. The bleach-free formula also means it’s safe for nearby vegetation and wildlife, making it the responsible choice for maintaining outdoor public areas.
Our bleach-free cleaning solution is perfect for a variety of outdoor applications, including roofs, pool decks, pool furniture, umbrellas, and wood structures. Traditional cleaning methods can sometimes damage these surfaces, but our solution is both gentle and effective, making it safe for all types of materials. It efficiently removes dirt, grime, and stains, restoring the original beauty of your outdoor amenities. Plus, the easy application process leaves no residue or streaks, ensuring a clean, fresh look. The bleach-free formulation also makes it safe for use around pools and other areas where people and pets may come into contact with the cleaned surfaces. By choosing our bleach-free cleaning solution, you’re opting for an effective, environmentally conscious, and safer way to keep your outdoor spaces clean and inviting.
For diverse surfaces like awnings, pavers, perimeter walls, entrances, and signs, our bleach-free cleaning solution is the perfect choice. Its gentle yet potent formula efficiently removes grime and stains without compromising the integrity of these surfaces. Awnings retain their vibrant colors, pavers their texture, and signs their clear readability, ensuring a welcoming and appealing facade. The application process leaves no residue or streaks, maintaining the professional appearance of entrances and perimeter walls. In addition, its bleach-free nature makes it a safer, eco-friendly option, reducing potential harm to surrounding plants and wildlife. With our solution, you can confidently maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of your property’s varied exterior surfaces.
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Typical Stain Removal Times

Citra-Shield was designed to work over time with the natural elements.

Citra-Shield is designed to work with the elements, such as rain, wind and sun to clean a surface over time.
Many factors such as climate, surface composition, stain severity, level of infestation growth, weather and shade can affect the stain removal time. Below are average stain removal times for Citra-Shield to achieve long-lasting, beautiful results:
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